Announcement: Closure of ICTSD

30 November 2018

It is with sadness that we must announce that due to an untenable financial situation ICTSD will cease operations in its current form as of 30 November 2018.

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to the construction of this enterprise. Immense thanks go to our current and former staff, fellows, and associates; our network of experts; our partner organisations; the policymakers, negotiators, and other stakeholders who have participated in and contributed to our work. We are most thankful to our donors, particularly the four core funders who loyally through many years made our efforts to serve millions of people around the world possible: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark that in a visionary gesture in 1996 at first enabled our bold proposal of transforming the terms of engagement of a globalising world to support the then novel ideal of sustainable development; followed chronologically by the Swedish Development Agency, Sida; DGIS at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, and the UK Department for International Development, DFID. We remain forever grateful to our founders and board members through the years.

We are also greatly appreciative to our working partners in think tanks, inter-governmental organisations, governments, universities, and firms, as well as subscribers and followers, and the numerous individuals that have worked with us to produce publications, convene dialogues, and publish news and analysis.

The ICTSD team is proud of our considerable achievements over the last 22 years. We have been a leading voice in setting the agenda on trade’s role in support of social inclusion, nature and development, and building a community of change around this mission. Founded in 1996 to address the characteristic crippling asymmetry of information and capabilities between stakeholders in the crafting of trade policy frameworks, and to ensure that such frameworks and policies effectively support sustainable development aspirations, the Centre rapidly became a global reference. We innovated and set the agenda through ICTSD’s powerful methodology combining information (by keeping a finger on the pulse of developments around key issues); purposeful policy dialogues of bespoke architecture; and, research and analysis through an agile system of knowledge brokerage. 

As we close this phase of the institution, aware of the high appreciation for particular documents and collections and their utility, we remain committed to preserving the immense knowledge stock generated through our progammes and periodicals. We will find a way to let our audiences know about their digital location if different from this website. We are heartened to see the transformation our work has helped to inspire and inform. We are more confident than ever that numerous other individuals and organisations around the globe today stand ready to take up the challenges we have sought to address in our work. We all at ICTSD look forward to continue working on the advancement of our mission from new platforms and initiatives.

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, on behalf of all my colleagues at ICTSD in offices in Geneva, Brussels and Beijing, and editorial teams in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Ottawa, Moscow, Dakar, and Shanghai.

Geneva, 30 November 2018

Note: for questions relating to the above notice, please contact ICTSD’s Managing Director, Deborah Vorhies at