ACP-EU events

4 April 2011


2                      ACP secretariat - Special meeting of the Committee of Ambassadors, Brussels, Belgium

2-4                   EU-Pacific Islands Climate Change  Conference, Vanuatu

3                      ACP meeting with the UN High Representatives for the LDC and SIDS, Brussels, Belgium

14                    Annual Caribbean Tourism Summit (ACTS), Brussels, Belgium

14-17               23rd session of the ACP parliamentary assembly and Inter-sessional meetings of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Brussels, Belgium

22-24               COMESA Annual Investment Forum, Dubai

25                    SACU Summit, Cape Town, South Africa

28                    Joint ACP-EC Trade Cooperation Subcommittee, Brussels, Belgium

28-1/4              EPA EU-CARIFORUM Joint Trade and Development Committee, Barbados (TBC)

30                    Working Group meeting on the Future perspectives of the ACP Group. Brussels, Belgium

31                    DG trade Ad hoc meeting - Trade and SMEs, Brussels, Belgium

-                        EAC-EU technical negotiations round (venue TBC)


4-5                   Cariforum-EU EPA:  How your business can benefit - Seminar, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

11-15               Central Africa technical negotiations round (venue TBC)

17-19               9th Annual Africa Investment Forum. Arusha. Tanzania

26-29               6th Regional meeting ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Yaoundé, Cameroon

-                       ESA-EU technical negotiations round, Brussels, Belgium

-                       EU-SADC technical and senior officials meeting on EPA, Lesotho

-                       Pacific regional workshop on market access offers and technical working group meetings on EPA (venue TBC)

-                       Joint PACP Trade and Fisheries ministerial meeting (venue TBC)


11-19               21st Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Budapest, Hungary


15-16               EU-CARIFORUM Joint Parliamentary Committee, Brussels, Belgium (TBC)

15-24               Central Africa-EU technical negotiations, Brussels, Belgium

-                       Pacific-EU joint negotiation session (venue TBC)

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4 April 2011
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4 April 2011
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