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21 December 1998


WTO Meetings

20-21 January 1999: Trade Policy Review Body (Argentina). For information, contact Lucie Giraud, WTO, tel: (41-22) 739 50 75.

25 January 1999: Dispute Settlement Body meeting. For information, contact Nuch Nazeer, WTO, tel: (41-22) 739 53 93.

25 January 1999: Committee on Rules of Origin. For information, contact Luis Ople, WTO, tel: (41-22) 739 53 74.

25-26 January 1999: Council for Trade in Services. For information, contact Nuch Nazeer, WTO, tel: (41-22) 739 53 93.

Other Meetings

TRADE, INTEGRATION AND ECOLOGY IN LATIN AMERICA : The Latin American Center for Social Ecology (CLAES) has started a new email information and discussion list on the environmental aspects of trade and the integration process in Latin America (EcoIntAL). The main languages of the list are Spanish and Portuguese. Furthermore, through the list CLAES distributes its electronic bulletin on trade and environment in that continent. To subscribe, send a blank message to: For further information, contact CLAES at

SECOND MEETING OF THE POPS INC: The Second Meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for POPS is scheduled from 25-29 January 1999 in Nairobi, Kenya. For information contact: UNEP Chemicals (IRPTC); tel: +41 (22) 979-9111; fax: +41 (22) 797- 3460; e-mail:; Internet:


REPORT ON THE COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL COOPERATION (CEC)'S JOINT PUBLIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE (JPAC) REGULAR SESSION. Held on 3-4 December in Washington, DC, the JPAC held its fifth Regular Session of 1998. One of JPAC's important roles is to promote public participation in the activities of the CEC. The JPAC produced advice to the Council of Ministers on the CEC Proposed Annual Program and Budget for 1999, Enforcement Issues, the selection process for the Executive Director and institutional co-operation between the CEC and the Free Trade Commission (FTC). The documents related to the December meeting in Washington, DC will be available in the three languages the first week of January 1999. The list of JPAC Meetings for 1999, the full record of discussions, advice from JPAC to Council and other documents pertaining to the Committee may be obtained through the CEC's Internet homepage under the JPAC header or requested from Manon Pepin, the JPAC Co-ordinator at the CEC Secretariat: e-mail: , fax: (514) 350-4314 or telephone: (514) 350-4366.
THE TRIPs AGREEMENT : A GUIDE FOR THE SOUTH. Published by the South Centre, this booklet is intended as an introductory overview for developing countries of the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). In addition to highlighting some of the central issues for the South, the document draws attention to the aspects to which policy-makers and technical personnel should pay special attention when formulating policy and legislation in this field. To obtain copies, contact the South Centre at Chemin du Champ-d'Anier 17, Case Postale 228, 1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. Tel : (41-22) 798 34 33 ; fax : (41-22) 798 85 31 ; email :

REPORT OF UNCTAD CONSULTATION WITH NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS AND TRADE UNIONS. This report summarises the proceedings of consultations between UNCTAD and a number of NGOs and trade unions which took place in Geneva from 11-12 June, 1998. Some issue-areas covered include a Possible Multilateral Framework Agreement on Investment ; Follow-up to the WTO High Level Meeting on Integrated Initiatives for LDCs' Trade Development, and Institutional Issues. The publication is available from the UN NGO Liaison Service, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland. Document #: UNCTAD/NGLS/118.

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