Bridges Africa is a monthly review focused on trade and sustainable development issues in Africa. The periodical places particular emphasis on multilateral developments and the regional dynamics at play in the shaping of African policy.  

Bridges Africa was launched in 2012 with the goal of increasing news and analysis for Africa – particularly least-developed countries. It was conceived of as a tool with three principal purposes: to improve transparency in multilateral trade negotiations, to build capacity among non-traditional civil society actors, and to provide a platform for underrepresented voices.

Since its launch, Bridges Africa has grown to become a leading source of accurate, objective, and timely information on African trade and sustainable development issues.

The periodical closely tracks significant changes occurring within the African economic and policy environment such as a growing engagement of the continent with emerging economies, ongoing uncertainty in WTO Doha Round negotiations, Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations, AGOA issues, regional integration, and the regional impacts of climate change.

These changing dynamics have significantly increased the demand for factual knowledge and effective communication with African stakeholders on issues at the heart of African development.

Altogether Bridges Africa endeavours to deliver 10 issues annually, 12 published news updates (Bridges Africa News Digest) and real time news and social network postings via Twitter and Facebook.

Bridges Africa is disseminated to over five thousands subscribers via email. Thousands more access Bridges Africa stories via web searches, thorough social media, and other networks.