20 December 2002

For a more comprehensive list of events in trade and sustainable development, please refer to ICTSD's web calendar. Please bear in mind that dates and times of WTO meetings are often changed, and that the WTO does not always announce the important informal meetings of the different bodies.

Coming up in 2003

2-7 January, Hyderabad, India: ASIAN SOCIAL FORUM. Organised by WSF India. This forum is for participants who are "opposed to imperialist globalisation as well as religious sectarian violence, and have a commitment to democratic values, plurality and peace." The intention behind ASF is that the event will provide an inspiring space where movements, organizations, groups, and individuals will come in from all over India and Asia to carry the message of the World Social Forum. For further information, contact: tel: (011) 622-1870; email:; Internet:

6 January, Castries, Saint Lucia: WORKSHOP ON THE STATUS AND TRENDS OF TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE. Organised by The Aldet Centre Saint Lucia. For further information, contact Dr. Albert Deterville, The Aldet Centre Saint Lucia, tel: (1 758) 452 5374; fax: 453 1983; email:; Internet: January, Chennai, India: INTERDISCIPLINARY DIALOGUE ON "LEGACY OF WATSON AND CRICK: BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR FOOD, HEALTH, NUTRITION AND WATER SECURITY". Organised by Swaminathan Research Foundation. For further information, contact: Dr. Ajay Parida, Swaminathan Research Foundation, tel: (91 44) 2541 220 / 254 1698; fax: 254 1319, email:

13-15 January, Leuven, Belgium: SYMPOSIUM ON HISTORY AND FOREST BIODIVERSITY: CHALLENGE FOR CONSERVATION. Organised by International Union of Forest Research Organization. For further information, contact the IUFRO, tel: (43 1) 877 01 51 0; fax: 877 01 51 50; email: Intenet:

13-17 January, Bangkok, Thailand: TECHNICAL CONSULTATION ON BIOLOGICAL RISK MANAGEMENT IN FOOD AND AGRICULTURE. Organised by UUN FAO. For further information, contact: Ms. Ezzeddine Boutrif, FAO Food Quality and Standards Service, tel: (39 6) 5705 6156; fax: 57054593; email:; Internet:

Other forthcoming events

21 - 23 January, South Africa: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON WATER, POVERTY, AND PRODUCTIVE USES OF WATER AT THE HOUSEHOLD LEVEL. Organised by the Natural Resources Institute (UK), the International Water Management Institute (South Africa), the International Water and Sanitation Centre (The Netherlands) and the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (South Africa). This international symposium will utilise practical experience and new research to discuss policy implications of innovative approaches to the provision and use of household water supplies. For further information, contact: IRC, tel: (31 15) 219-2939; fax: 219-0955; Internet:

21-24 January, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: SUB-REGIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOP ON RISK ASSESSMENT AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FOR ASIA. Organised by UNEP/GEF Biosafety Unit. For further information, contact: Dr. Christopher Briggs, UNEP/GEF Biosafety Unit, tel: + 41 22 917 8411; fax: 917 8070; email:; Internet:

22-24 January, Stellenbosch, South Africa: SECOND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. Organised by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). The theme of the event is "Towards Sustainable Water Utilisation in the 21st Century." For further information, contact: André Görgens, IAHS: tel: (27 21) 424-5544; fax: 424-5588; email: ; Internet:

23 - 28 January, Davos, Switzerland: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM ANNUAL MEETING. The theme of the next meeting of the World Economic Forum is "Building Trust". During the Annual Meeting, civil society organizations - including church, non-governmental and non-profit organizations - will hold discussions for the general public. These events will be held in conjunction with the Forum under the heading "Open Forum Davos 2003" and will be held in the assembly hall of the Schweizerische Alpinen Mittelschule secondary school on Guggerbachstrasse 72 in Davos. Entry will be free of charge. For information contact: World Economic Forum, 91-93 route de la Capite, CH - 1223 Cologny/Geneva; tel: +41-22 869 12 12; fax: +41 22 786 27 44 email:; Internet:

31 January - 1 February, New Delhi, India: GREENTECH 2002: CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT. The Conference, organised by the Greentech Foundation, aims to take a comparative look at the environmental management experience in Indian Public and Private Sector organizations/enterprises and foreign companies organization For further information, contact: Tel: (011) 559-3846; Fax: 559-3846; email:; Internet:

3-7 February, Nairobi, Kenya: 22ND SESSION OF THE UNEP GOVERNING COUNCIL. Organised by UNEP. For further information, contact: Mr. B.A. Miller, UNEP Office of the Secretary for Governing Council; tel: (254-2) 62-3411; fax: 62-3748; email:; Internet:

3-7 February 2003, Chiang Mai, Thailand: 3RD WORLD CONGRESS ON MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS FOR HUMAN WELFARE: "From Biodiversity through Science and Technology, Trade and Industry to Sustainable Use". Organised by Wocmap III. For further information contact: Wocmap III, email:; Internet:

6-9 February, New Delhi, India: DELHI SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT (DSDS). The third Delhi Sustainable Development Summit will focus on "The Message from WSSD: translating resolve into action for a sustainable future." For further information, contact: TERIIN, tel: (91 11) 468-2100; fax: 468-2144; email:; Internet:

10-11 February, Rome, Italy: COMMITTEE OF THE CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION, 51st (EXTRAORDINARY) SESSION. For further information, contact the Codex Secretariat, tel: (39) 065-7051; fax: (39) 06-5705-4593; email:; Internet:

12-15 February, Rome, Italy: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION, 25th (EXTRAORDINARY) SESSION. For further information, contact: Tel: (39) 065-7051; Telefax: (39) 06-5705-4593; email:; Internet:

13-15 February, Copenhagen, Denmark: 2ND GLOBAL CONFERENCE: ENVIRONMENT JUSTICE AND GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP. This inter and multi-disciplinary conference looks to examine both ecology and environment in relation to society and international politics, and determine how these relationships impact our understandings of justice, fairness and global citizenship. For further information, contact:; Internet:

11 December 2002
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20 December 2002
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