BioRes provides news and analysis on key topics at the nexus of trade and the environment. By commissioning targeted analysis on emerging issues from both in-house and external experts, the monthly periodical aims to help build relations between trade negotiations and the broader environment community. Through these op-eds, research papers, and think pieces, BioRes seeks to help policymakers and stakeholders understand the connections and synergies between these two worlds. BioRes also offers reporting on relevant topics, regularly updating its web newstream, in order to keep the its audience plugged in to the events that shape relevant policy landscapes.

Created in 2007, BioRes builds on the format and editorial direction provided by ICTSD’s inaugural periodical, Bridges Weekly. That publication was founded in 1997, seeking to address the long-standing gulf between the trade and sustainable development more generally.

Three principal purposes continue to inform and guide ICTSD periodicals: improve transparency in multilateral trade negotiations, build capacity among non-traditional civil society actors, and to provide a platform for underrepresented voices. BioRes applies these principles to its specific focus, helping to ensure useful flows of information between interested trade and environment parties.

As a leading source of trade and environment focused material, key topics reviewed by BioRes range from renewable energy to fisheries. Environment-related disputes at the WTO are closely followed, with the BioRes team tracking ruling outcomes, and helping readers make sense of these. Over the years, BioRes has also broadened its scope beyond the WTO to account for environmental issues in a host of other trade negotiating forums – whether bilateral, regional, or plurilateral.

As part of its mission to build bridges between the trade and environment worlds, the BioRes team produces special news reports on number of multilateral environmental negotiations, particularly on the issues that have trade-related impacts. This includes the meetings associated with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC).

BioRes is disseminated monthly to thousands of subscribers via email. Many more access its news stories via web searches, thorough social media, and other networks.