Yonov Frederick Agah

Deputy Director-General, WTO

Yonov Frederick Agah was appointed as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the WTO in 2005. In that capacity, he served as the Alternate Chief Negotiator for the Doha Round and Head of Nigeria's Trade Office to the WTO in the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations Office in Geneva. Mr. Agah served as Chair of the WTO's General Council in 2011. He was responsible for organizing the Eighth WTO Ministerial Conference, which was acknowledged to be successful despite the prevailing stalemate in the Doha Round. He previously worked as the Director of external trade of UTC Nigeria PLC. He obtained a  Doctor of Philosophy in Economics with a focus on International Trade from the University of Jos, Nigeria in 2007.

Bridges news

15 November 2013
Negotiations for the progressive liberalisation of global trade in agriculture under Article 20 of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) remain an important objective for African countries, which would also need complementary domestic policy reforms to enhance...