Veena Jha

Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Advanced studies, University of Warwick

Dr. Veena Jha is a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Advanced studies, University of Warwick, UK, and a research fellow at the International Development Research Centre, Canada. In addition, she is the executive director of Maguru Consultants Limited, London, UK.

She has worked with the United Nations in various capacities for over twenty years. She was the Coordinator of an important UNCTAD/ DFID/Government of India initiative on ‘Strategies and Preparedness for trade and Globalisation in India’.

She has published twelve books on trade and development issues, articles in journals, and was a member of some consensus building initiatives on trade and environment issues in the last decade.

She has been a member of several national and international Advisory Boards, notably the United Nations Secretary General’s Task Force on Millennium Development goals.

She has served as an expert on technical committees of the Government of India, industry associations, and non-governmental organisations on trade and development issues.

Bridges news

14 July 2014
La urgencia por atender el cambio climático a fin de prevenir o al menos reducir el daño provocado por el aumento de más de 2 grados Celsius en las temperaturas globales promedio es una preocupación internacional ampliamente reconocida. Por lo mismo, la transición de fuentes de energía de...
9 June 2014
This article provides a view of the environmental and economic impacts of domestic energy and trade policies on sustainable energy diffusion and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The urgency of tackling climate change in order to prevent or at least minimize the adverse effects of a rise in...
20 December 2010
Veena Jha* La creciente importancia de los aspectos ambientales ha generado un fuerte interés en la evaluación de las oportunidades para el comercio de bienes ambientales (BA) y servicios ambientales (SA). Las estrategias de desarrollo sostenible en todo el mundo han contribuido al crecimiento de...
3 December 2009
A switch to renewable energy is expected to provide a major part of the solution to climate change. In this regard, understanding the conditions that facilitate their production, trade and uptake is important. A number of renewable energy generation technologies are commercially available and many...
1 March 2008
The growing importance of environmental issues has generated a parallel interest in evaluating the opportunity for trade in environmental goods and services (EGS). Sustainable development strategies worldwide have contributed to the overall growth of the global environment industry, which is...