Timothy Josling

Professor Emeritus, Food Research Institute. Stanford University

Timothy Josling is Professor Emeritus at the (former) Food Research Institute at Stanford University; a Senior Fellow at the Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; and a faculty member at FSI's Europe Center.

His recent books include WTO Disciplines on Agricultural Support (with David Orden and David Blandford, Cambridge University Press), The Evolution of the Trade Regime: Politics, Law and Economics of the GATT and WTO, (with John Barton, Judith Goldstein and Richard Steinberg, Princeton University Press), The WTO and Agriculture, (a two volume set of readings in the series “Critical Perspectives on the Global Trading System and the WTO”) with Kym Anderson, Edward Elgar Press), and Food Regulation and Trade: Toward a Safe and Global System, (with Donna Roberts and David Orden, Institute for International Economics).

His current research interests include the reform of the agricultural trading system in the World Trade Organization; the use of geographical indications in agricultural trade; the role of health and safety regulations in trade; the impact of climate change legislation on agricultural trade policies; and the role of regional and bilateral trade agreements in the multilateral trade system.

Bridges news

13 April 2015
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) continue to be hot button topic on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. What rules govern international trade in GM food? Which WTO rules govern international trade in agricultural and food products containing genetically modified (GM) materials? This...
29 July 2014
Вопрос о том, насколько правила ВТО регулируют торговлю сельскохозяйственной и пищевой продукцией, содержащей генетически модифицированные организмы (ГМО), представляет особый интерес для стран Восточной Европы, Кавказа и Центральной Азии . В данной статье предпринята попытка прояснить этот вопрос...
15 June 2010
Les politiques agricoles des pays développés ont été largement accusées de créer des problèmes pour la sécurité alimentaire des pays en développement. Un bon nombre de ces critiques sont justifiées, et cet article n'essayera pas de défendre les arguments contraires qui sont moins que convaincants...
1 June 2010
Farm policies in developed countries have been widely blamed for creating problems for food security in developing countries. Many of these criticisms are well-aimed, and this note will not attempt a defense against those arguments that are less than persuasive. Instead, the intention is to step...

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