Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts

Regionalist, Development Planner and Researcher

Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts is a Regionalist, Development Planner and Researcher. She is a Fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), where she chairs the cluster on Youth and participates in the cluster on Regional Integration. She is currently conducting research on the ideational foundations of popular sovereignty in CARICOM and on the visions and aspirations of young Caribbean leaders. Her research interests are governance, regionalism, youth development, and the interconnections among those issues. She has been engaged for several years in research and policy development in relation to Caribbean integration and issues affecting children and youth, including child labour, youth unemployment, juvenile justice and youth participation. A former Commonwealth Scholar, she completed her doctoral research in Political Science with a focus on the evolution of sovereignty and regional governance in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Her academic research and professional experience, including as a CARICOM Youth Ambassador and Commissioner for Youth Development, have reinforced her interests in the political aspects of regional development with regard to the building of shared institutions which reflect the identity, connect the lives and meet the development goals of Caribbean people.

Bridges news

11 April 2011
Un débat occupe actuellement le devant de la scène aux Caraïbes sur cette question vexante: « La Communauté des Caraïbes (CARICOM) est-elle en crise? » . De nombreux observateurs s'accordent à dire que les petits États des Caraïbes font actuellement face à des « menaces existentielles » faisant...
4 April 2011
A prominent debate is underway in the Caribbean on the vexing question - "Is the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in crisis?" Many observers share the view that the small states of the Caribbean are facing ‘existential threats' that pose serious "systemic challenges to [their] viability as functioning...