Soraya Hassanali

Senior Gender Equality Specialist, Canadian International Development Agency

Soraya Hassanali is a Senior Gender Equality Specialist at the Canadian International Development Agency. She has been a member-at-large with the SID-OG since 2004, during which time she has led the gender mainstreaming work of the chapter through the development of a strategy on gender equality. In 2006, she organized the successful event on "Governance, Women's Rights and International Development," with the support of IDRC, which included the launch of the SID Development Journal in Ottawa, on the theme Women's Rights and Development. She has coordinated the work of other volunteers to develop a gender equality needs assessment for the chapter, work which has informed two capacity-building workshops on gender equality for board members, held in 2007. As a member-at-large, Hassanali has also contributed to the chapter's institutional partnership strategy. As President, she has held two strategic retreats over the summer of 2007, which have led to the creation of two new board committees on gender equality and on youth, the creation of a new programming theme on professional development, and a range of internal and external communication activities. Hassanali intends to work with the board throughout 2007-2008 to operationalize a number of key institutional strategies with a view to broadening the scope of the chapter's programming activities and outreach. she is currently the Senior Gender Equality Specialist in the Multilateral Programs Branch at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Prior to joining CIDA, Soraya worked as a Senior Cabinet Affairs Advisor with Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSD), and for over five years with Status of Women Canada (SWC), where she held a number of positions. In 2003, with support from the Ford Foundation, she was selected as a Program Fellow in the Knowledge Networking and Capacity Building Program on Gender Macroeconomics and International Economics (GEM-IWG) at the University of Utah.

Bridges news

18 February 2011
Un certain nombre de défis semblent limiter une intégration efficace des considérations d'égalité des sexes dans le cadre de l'initiative d'aide pour le commerce (APC) de l'OMC. En se concentrant sur l'exemple du Cadre Intégré Renforcé (CIR) en tant que mécanisme par lequel les pays les moins...
10 February 2011
A number of challenges appear to be limiting the successful mainstreaming of gender considerations into the WTO’s Aid for Trade initiative. Focusing on the case of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) as a mechanism through which Least Developed Countries (LDCs) access Aid for Trade technical...