Rodrigo Bardoneschi

Diplomat and Legal Advisor, WTO Dispute Settlement Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina

Rodrigo Bardoneschi is a diplomat and trade law expert, with more than 13 years experience in dispute settlement, international trade law and WTO matters. He is the Deputy Director of the WTO Dispute Settlement Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. He has been legal adviser in more than 14 legal proceedings related 10 WTO disputes. He has appeared several times before WTO Panels and the Appellate Body either as member or Head of delegation. He has been delegate to more than 20 WTO councils, working groups, committees and negotiating bodies and was elected Chairperson of the Committee of Specific Commitments for trade in services of the WTO. His main areas of WTO expertise include trade in goods, agriculture, antidumping, subsidies, trade in services including financial services, technical barriers to trade and WTO accessions. His experience includes also international intellectual property and environmental law and negotiations. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of London in the UK and was a British Council Chevening Scholar.


30 October 2017
In this article the author argues for the need to speed up implementation of the Nairobi Ministerial Decision on Export Competition and work towards the elimination of agricultural export subsidies. There are commercial reasons to do so. The World Trade Organization’s Eleventh Ministerial...