Paul Sammon

Senior Economist, Vivid Economics

Paul Sammon is an expert in the areas of climate and energy policy, with a particular focus on carbon market design. He has led analyses across Vivid’s Climate Strategy practice area including key projects on energy transitions and the competitive impacts of carbon pricing policies. He is a trusted advisor to private clients including industry representative groups and major energy companies, helping them to understand the implications of carbon pricing regulations. He has also worked closely with many high-profile public clients, including emerging market governments, the European Commission and the World Bank, drawing upon his expertise in energy transitions and comparative policy analysis to develop long-term solutions to emissions abatement. His work on high-profile carbon pricing reports internationally includes the World Bank’s technical paper on carbon leakage, its ETS handbook and its forthcoming report on principles for integrating energy and climate policies. In addition to his experience with Vivid, Paul has previously worked as a senior level political and policy advisor focussing on the areas of energy and business.



18 September 2018
A central weakness of the Paris Agreement on climate change is the absence of sanctions against recalcitrant countries. Border carbon adjustments could be the world’s best hope to strong-arm the US into action. Leading trade experts are increasingly of the view that tariffs to account for traded...