Monica Araya

Founder & Executive Director, Nivela

Monica has worked development and environmental issues and politics for over 20 years and collaborates regularly with leaders in civil society, government, and business with a focus on climate action and advocacy. She is the Founding Director of Costa Rica Limpia, a citizen platform that promotes clean development and democracy. She founded Nivela in early 2014, developing the concept for the organization for about two years.

She was a lead negotiator for Costa Rica in the climate negotiations and in the past worked at the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, Climate Change Capital and as advisor to multiple organizations.

She is a member of the Steering Committee of the UNEP Gap Emissions Report since 2012 and co-chairs the Steering Committee of the Low Emissions Development Strategies Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean. She is a senior associate at E3G since 2009.

Monica has authored more than 50 publications, frequently writes in the press and speaks to the media. Monica has a Master in economic policy (National University in Costa Rica) and a Master and Doctorate degrees in environmental management from Yale University. 


9 December 2016
The Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) has the potential to boost environmental goods, including clean energy and energy efficiency technologies, by lowering their costs and enhancing their supply and use in many countries. This article discusses the EGA in the post-Paris Agreement context as...

Bridges news

1 April 2003
Uno de los mandatos de la Declaración Ministerial de Doha (Noviembre, 2001) es iniciar negociaciones en materia ambiental al interior de la Organización Mundial del Comercio(OMC). Esta decisión marcó un hito para el debate sobre comercio y ambiente en el sistema multilateral de comercio. La meta de...