Miguel Rodriguez Mendoza

Senior Fellow

Miguel RODRÍGUEZ MENDOZA is an independent consultant based in Geneva. He has been a Senior Fellow at ICTSD, where he focused on aid for trade issues, regionalism and trade policy, and was recently associated to WTI Advisors, a Geneva-based consultancy on trade and economic issues. From 1999 to 2002, he served as Deputy Director-General of the WTO, and has been Venezuela’s Minister of State on International Economic Issues (1989-1993) with responsibilities on the country’s trade policies. Mr. Rodríguez Mendoza is a citizen of Venezuela.



Bridges news

12 February 2016
This article suggests key insights to strategically advance the Continental FTA negotiations. The establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) is gaining speed. At last year's African Union Summit, participants agreed to get the CFTA agreement in place by 2017, and to immediately...
12 March 2015
Как связаны мегарегиональные соглашения и переговоры раунда Доха, и каково их влияние на развивающиеся страны? Во время первой волны региональных торговых соглашений (РТС) двусторонние соглашения считались нормой. Более 300 соглашений, нотифицированных в ВТО, являются двусторонними, за исключением...
1 December 2014
During the first “wave” of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) bilateral agreements were the norm; most of the 300 plus agreements notified to the WTO are bilateral agreements although there are some exceptions – for example, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and some economic...