20 July 2011

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For immediate release, 20 July 2011

Geneva, Switzerland – Buy-local requirements in green energy promotion with a double aim to tackle carbon emissions and stimulate local manufacturing and job creation could run afoul of WTO rules, a new study by ICTSD finds. The first ever climate change-related WTO dispute started today in full, with the organization establishing a panel to hear a case over renewable energy generation.

22 June 2011


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Geneva, 22 June 2011

US ethanol subsidies inflating maize prices by 17% in 2011 - study

10 December 2010

Linking EU farm subsidies to goals such as environmental protection could help farmers in poor countries, a new study says - although much would depend on the size of the payments and how they are made.

8 December 2010

Cancun, Mexico, 8 December 2010 - A new study launched today at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16), From Collision to Vision: Climate Change and World Trade, will form an integral part of to

24 June 2010

A controversial new tool to safeguard poor countries from surges in farm imports or price depressions would only provide partial protection to poor producers, a new study finds.

Exporting countries have repeatedly warned that the proposed 'special safeguard mechanism' could block any growth in trade resulting from market opening under the WTO Doha Round of trade talks – with tension over the issue sparking a collapse in negotiations two years ago. Importing developing countries have argued that an effective and workable safeguard is critical to protecting their farmers.

15 April 2010

African farmers could have gained from a 3.5 percent average increase
in world cotton prices, if the US had moved quickly to implement the
recommendations of an international trade panel, a new study finds.

The study, commissioned by ICTSD and conducted by Mario Jales of Cornell
University, suggests that cotton prices would have risen over a
1998-2007 base period if the US had cut subsidies that were deemed
unlawful by a dispute panel at the World Trade Organisation (WTO),
following complaints by Brazil.

15 December 2009

El nuevo acuerdo sobre el régimen arancelario de la Unión Europea (UE) para el banano será gran ayuda para los exportados latinoamericanos pero provocará una disminución de las exportaciones de los países de África, Caribe y el Pacífico (ACP) de dicha fruta, según un estudio del Centro Internacional para el Comercio y el Desarrollo Sostenible (ICTSD, por sus siglas en inglés). No obstante, las pérdidas que enfrentarán los exportadores ACP podrían ser amortiguadas por un paquete de ayuda económica que la Unión Europea ha prometido conjuntamente con el acuerdo, concluye el estudio.

15 December 2009

The new deal on EU banana import tariffs will be a boon to Latin American exporters but would trigger a drop in exports of the fruit from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, according to a study from the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. But the blow to ACP banana exporters may be cushioned by the aid money that the EU has promised in conjunction with the deal, the study concludes.

2 December 2009

The EU, US and Japan provide billions of dollars in farm subsidies classed as 'green box' at the World Trade Organisation, on the basis that these payments have little or no effect on trade or production. However, a new book from the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development now shows how green box subsidies do in fact distort trade, affect developing country farmers and can also harm the environment.

12 October 2009

Governments must take urgent action to help the 1 billion people that are malnourished today, especially with population growth and climate change likely to increase these numbers in years ahead. Analysis from ICTSD, released ahead of this year's World Food Day on 16 October, shows that trade policy reform must be a vital component of any solution to the ongoing crisis.

22 July 2009


A global trade deal at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) would lead to significant cuts in China's already low agricultural tariffs, new ICTSD research shows.

22 July 2009


据 ICTSD 一项最新研究显示, 世界贸易组织可能达成的全球贸易协议将使中国已经很低的 农业关税作出很大的的消减。

目前, 各成员政府重新开始努力, 希望完成正在进行的多哈回合贸易谈判。 该项研究表明,  尽管目前中国的税率为世界平均水平的四分之一, 协议草案仍将使中国最大限度允许的关税 水平, 即农业“约束”关税削减六分之一。 因为中国实施关税水平接近于约束水平, 大多数 的消减将直接转化为出口国的新市场准入。

该项研究的作者, 中国农业大学的田志宏教授表示, “在发展中国家当中, 中国是农产品市 场保护最少的国家之一。”

该研究显示, 在考虑被视为 “敏感” 或被认为对粮食安全和生计是重要的产品进行较温和的 关税削减之后, 中国的农业税率将从开始15%的平均水平降至13%。 由于有9亿农民从事农 业, 城市和农村的收入差距日益扩大, 中国已经强调将一些关键产品免于削减的必要性。

24 November 2008

Caps on trade subsidies and less distorted trade flows seen as key outcomes of a WTO agreement

With the financial crisis and economic slowdown focusing governments' attention on the struggling negotiations at the World Trade Organization, ministers are expected to meet in Geneva next month to try once more to hammer out the details of a framework accord on cutting tariffs and farm subsidies.

18 July 2008

Study suggests EU, US, Japan, Canada may protect poultry, dairy, rice, sugar, among others

Trade Ministers meeting in Geneva from 21 July onwards must tackle the impact that developed countries' controversial "sensitive" products could have on poor country exporters, a new study indicates. Products likely to be protected from freer trade in the US, EU, Japan and Canada could include poultry, dairy, rice and sugar, the report has shown.

8 July 2008

World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy has called for a mini-Ministerial in Geneva for the week of July 21 in an attempt to resolve the remaining outstanding issues in the Doha Round negotiations.