New Pacific bloc could reshape world trade in food and agriculture - ICTSD study

5 October 2015


Agreement on TPP could have significant implications for global trade in agriculture

GENEVA, 5 OCTOBER, 2015 - The new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), announced today in Atlanta, could reshape world trade in food and agriculture, a study by the International Centre for Trade and Development shows.

At present, trade in agricultural products among the TPP countries represents US$ 311 billion and the deal is expected to boost agricultural trade among countries within the TPP area.

Countries outside the bloc, however, could face difficulties if new trade norms and market access concessions affect their trade with TPP countries, the study finds.

In financial terms, the TPP covers about ten times more agricultural trade than the separate TTIP negotiations currently underway between the US and EU.

Countries party to the new deal represent as much as 10.4 percent of all world agricultural trade, according to the study’s author Remy Jurenas, an independent expert on agriculture.

The full study can be found at: How Could Mega-Regional Trade Negotiations Affect Agricultural and Food Trade? - Remy Jurenas

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