Mathias Ismail

Chair of OSO Group S.A. and Chief Executive of R&O Seafood Gastronomy

Mathias Ismail was Chief Executive of COTONA, Groupe SOCOTA’s textile subsidiary, before becoming the Managing Director of Groupe SOCOTA Textiles responsible for marketing and joint ventures. In 2005, Mathias joined OSO, SOCOTA’s seafood division, as Chair of OSO Group. He then launched an organic certification and regulations project for the Madagascar shrimp production site, while also finalising a strategic commercial partnership with Reynaud, the leading French seafood distributor. This commercial venture led to the creation of R&O Seafood Gastronomy, of which Mathias became the Chief Executive in 2009. R&O Seafood Gastronomy employs 1,250 people in France and Madagascar and has a turnover of €260 million.

Bridges news

21 December 2016
Passerelles s’est entretenu avec Mathias Ismaïl, président du directoire d’OSO Group S.A. et directeur général de R&O Seafood Gastronomy, afin de jeter un éclairage sur un ambitieux projet qui, par une vision stratégique claire et une approche déterminée, est parvenu à faire des normes de...
20 December 2016
Bridges Africa met with Mathias Ismaïl, Chair of OSO Group S.A. and Chief Executive of R&O Seafood Gastronomy, in order to shed light on an ambitious project that has successfully turned sustainability standards into the driving force behind its business model thanks to a clear strategic vision...