Massimiliano Calì

Independent Economic Consultant

Massimiliano Calì is an independent economic consultant based in East Jerusalem and is a research associate with the Overseas Development Institute. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Bethlehem in the occupied Palestinian territory. A development economist by training, his current research focuses on the relation between trade, development and growth, on the relationship between economics and conflict, on the determinants and implications of urbanisation in developing countries. He has provided economic policy advice to a number of Ministries in developing countries as well as to international organisations. His research has been published in academic journals, books and official reports. He holds a PhD in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics, an MA in Development Economics from the University of East Anglia and a BA in Economics from the University of Pavia.

Bridges news

11 April 2011
Les discussions autour de l'Aide pour le Commerce (APC) ont tendance à considérer les pays bénéficiaires comme un groupe de pays en voie de développement homogène. Cependant, tout un ensemble de facteurs importants et de besoins spécifiques aux pays bénéficiaires doivent être pris en considération...
4 April 2011
The discussions around Aid for Trade (AfT) tend to treat beneficiary countries as an homogeneous group of developing countries. However, a variety of important factors and needs specific to recipient countries should be considered in order to devise any effective AfT strategies. A group of...