Marcio Castro de Souza

Senior Fishery Officer, FAO

Marcio Castro de Souza is a Senior Fishery Officer at FAO for trade issues. His main routine activities include the development of studies, projects, analysis and policy orientation on topics related to international trade on fisheries, including market access aspects and regional trade agreements; their interconnectivity and the main existing instruments regulating fisheries activities internationally, as well as their impacts on trade and sustainability. He is also in charge of the development of fisheries training in the area of trade regulation. He holds a Master’s degree in International Law and Economics (Magna Cum Laude) from the Universities of Berne, Fribourg, and Neuchâtel. Before joining FAO, he worked in the Brazilian Government in the area of agriculture and fisheries, always associated with foreign trade promotion and regulation. Previously, he worked in the area of international capital markets in the banking sector, and in a government agency responsible for regulating foreign trade operations in Brazil.