Loreli de Dios


L. de Dios is an economist with extensive research experience covering the Philippines and the rest of Asia, analysing trade issues such as policy reforms, Customs and trade facilitation, trade in services, regional inte
gration, and intellectual property rights. She has managed projects including those with political reform and WTO compliance objectives, and has also undertaken impact assessments and developed systems improvements.

Economist with proven research skills covering the Philippines and the rest of Asia under consultancy cont

racts with local and international institutions. Experienced in the analysis of trade issues including trade policy reform, Customs and trade facilitation (systems and procedures, valuation, single window, risk management, target revenue estimation), regional integration, trade in services, intellectual property rights. Undertakes impact assessments and develops databases and systems improvements. Delivers thorough research output, with expertise in conceptualizing studies and methodologies; designing and conducting surveys; collecting, processing and analyzing data; and writing and presenting results.

Highly capable in project management including those with political reform or WTO compliance objectives, and requiring strategy formulation and advocacy. Formulates work plans, analyses project issues, coordinates with stakeholders, mobilizes and manages experts, monitors policy implementation, and assesses technical assistance programs. Organizes seminars/workshops and training courses by developing curricula and reference materials, liaising with concerned authorities, budgeting and arranging logistics. Instrumental in establishing the institutional arrangements for international Customs cooperation in one project and in the passage of critical Customs legislation in another.