Lennart Båge

Acting Director-General of Sida

Lennart Bågeis acting Director-General of Sida since November 2016.Mr Båge is a Swedish diplomat with vast experience of international development cooperation having worked for the Swedish Foreign Ministry, the United Nations and as member of Sida's board of directors from 2010 to 2015. Furthermore, Mr Båge has served on the board of a number of academic and civil society organizations related to development cooperation.


In the 70s Mr Båge held several positions within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 1980-89 he was Director of SAREC (Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries) and during the 90s Mr Båge headed the Multilateral Department for Development Cooperation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In 2001 Mr Båge was elected President of IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) and was part of the United Nations’ Chief Executive Board (CEB), chaired by Kofi Annan and later by Ban ki-Moon. He was also a Member of Kofi Annan's High-Level Panel on System Wide Coherence, which among other things proposed the creation of UN Women and developed the ideas of "One UN" and "Delivering as One."