Justin Barnes

Chairman, B&M Analysts

Justin has been working in the South African manufacturing sector since 1995, when he was appointed a researcher on the Industrial Restructuring Project at the then University of Natal. He co-established B&M Analysts in 1997 and resigned from his position at the University of Natal at the end of 2002 to focus on the company’s growing interests. He still, however, retains strong academic links and was, until recently, the Chair of Industrial Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Justin is presently Chairman of B&M Analysts and serves on several industry development boards straddling the automotive, clothing, textiles and footwear manufacturing sectors. All of Justin’s qualifications are from the University of Natal, with his BA Honours (Geography) completed cum laude in 1994, his MSocSci (Development Studies - institutional specialisation) completed cum laude in 1995 and his PhD (Development Studies - industrial specialisation), completed in 2001. Justin’s varied interests have led him to advise the South African government (and other national and regional governments) on numerous important industrial development policies over the past decade. These include the present national policies for the CTFL and automotive sectors in South Africa. It has also led him to work in over 30 countries around the world and to publish many reports, academic articles and book chapters on Global Value Chains, industrial policy, and firm-level and supply chain competitiveness related issues.