Joshua Wickerham

Manager, Policy & Outreach, ISEAL Alliance

ISEAL is the backbone organisation for sustainability standards, recognised for facilitating global consensus on good practices for the innovative development and implementation of voluntary (private) sustainability standards. Joshua leads ISEAL’s work on positioning credible sustainability standards as enablers of sustainable trade. He supports ISEAL work to develop government case studies on the use of sustainability standards, with the goal of building partnerships and guidance for policy makers to use private standards in ways that minimise barriers to trade and deepen positive impacts. As part of this, he is also researching producer needs to ensure greater accessibility of sustainability standards. Over the last 15 years, Joshua has worked with GIZ, ITC, UNCTAD, UNEP, and WWF. Since 2010, Joshua has continually advised ISEAL’s growth in China. He joined ISEAL full time in 2015. He studied history at the University of Michigan and international relations at the University of California San Diego. 

Bridges news

20 October 2017
Le commerce durable pourrait s’avérer un puissant catalyseur pour un développement responsable sur le plan social et environnemental. Comment de nouvelles approches en matière d’élaboration et de mise en œuvre des normes de durabilité peuvent-elles permettre aux producteurs africains de davantage...
13 October 2017
The potential for sustainable trade to be a catalyst for socially and environmentally sound development on the African continent is enormous. How can new partnerships and approaches to developing and implementing sustainability standards in Africa drive more benefits to producers? Despite its...