Joshua Meltzer

Joshua P. Meltzer

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Dr. Joshua Meltzer is a senior fellow in Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institution and an adjunct professor at the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies. Dr. Meltzer is also a reviewer for the Journal of Politics and Law. His work focuses on international trade law and policy issues relating to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Free Trade Agreements. Dr. Meltzer’s research also includes the intersection between climate change and international trade and the role of trade policy in supporting access to the internet and cross-border data flows. He also writes on global governance issues with a focus on the legitimacy of the WTO and other international economic bodies such as the G-20.

Dr. Meltzer has been published in several peer reviewed law and policy journals and has also testified on international trade as well as data flow issues before Congress and the United States International Trade Commission. A regular commentator in international print media, Dr. Meltzer has been interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Financial Times, Asahi Shimbun and in global newswires, including Bloomberg News and Thomson Reuters. He has also appeared on television news media outlets, including BBC, CNN and Fox News.

Prior to joining Brookings, Dr. Meltzer was a trade negotiator and legal advisor with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He was also posted as a diplomat to the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C. where he was responsible for trade and climate change issues. Dr. Meltzer has an S.J.D. and L.L.M from the University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor and law and commerce degrees from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.


27 May 2016
Data flows underpin how the global economy works. Trade, supply chains and business operations are all enabled by the ability to move data globally. Data flows rely on the global Internet, but are not limited to it since data also flows over the industrial Internet and along internal networks...

Bridges news

17 August 2016
Este artigo analisa os desafios e as oportunidades que os avanços da economia digital na última década colocam ao comércio e aos investimentos. O autor discute, ainda, algumas recomendações de políticas públicas a fim de explorar ao máximo seu potencial de desenvolvimento.
20 June 2016
Рост цифровой экономики расширяет возможности для ведения торговли и в то же время создает новые вызовы. Автор статьи рассматривает несколько вариантов политики, которые позволят увеличить потенциал интернета для развития международной торговли. Глобальный рост возможностей доступа в интернет,...
12 April 2016
El crecimiento en el acceso a Internet en todo el mundo, por lo general a través de teléfonos móviles, está impactando de manera considerable la economía y el comercio internacional. Las economías se han ido digitalizando, pues Internet y la capacidad para mover datos alrededor del mundo han...