Jon G. Sutinen

Professor, University of Rhode Island

Jon G. Sutinen earned his Ph.D. in Economics in 1973 from the University of Washington. He is a Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at the University of Rhode Island, and currently lives in California. Dr. Sutinen is past President of the North American Association of Fisheries Economists; and formerly Chair of the National Research Council Committee on Defining Best Available Science, Co‐chair of the Social Science Advisory Committee of the New England Fisheries Management Council; and a recent member of the Ocean Studies Board (2001‐03). Dr. Sutinen was the founding editor of the journal MarineResource Economics and served in that role for over a decade. Dr. Sutinen’s area of expertise is fisheries economics, and his primary research interests are fisheries management and regulation. During the past 30 years, he has conducted extensive research in three thematic areas: compliance and enforcement in fisheries; the design of markets and other institutional arrangements for tradable fishing allowances; the political economics of fisheries governance. In addition to publishing research results in peer‐reviewed journals, Dr Sutinen has extensive experience advising and assisting government agencies and stakeholder groups, in the US and abroad in the areas of his expertise.