John Barrett

Professor of Sustainability Research, University of Leeds

John holds a Chair in Sustainability Research at the Sustainable Research Institute (SRI), University of Leeds. His research interests include sustainable consumption and production (SCP) modelling, carbon accounting and exploring the transition to a low carbon pathway. John has been an advisor to the UK Government on the development of carbon footprint standards and continues to work with the UK Government on “Consumption-based Emissions” being responsible for providing the headline indicator for the UK. John also works closely with other government bodies such as the Committee on Climate Change currently providing advice on carbon leakage, scenarios and policy options. John has advised numerous companies and government agencies, like the NHS on how to calculate and reduce emissions through the supply chain. John is also the director of CIE-MAP, a £4 million initiative funded by the UK Research Council centres. In addition, John is the co-director of UKERC, the multidisciplinary research centre established through the Research Council’s Energy Programme.  John is an accomplished public speaker having presented to Government Select Committees and regularly appearing on Radio 4 while the research is regularly covered in the broad sheet media. John has managed numerous research projects and a large research team for over 15 years. John is also a lead author for the International Panel on Climate Change, Working Group III.