Jesús Antón

Senior Economist, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OCDE

Jesús Antón is Senior Economist in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate of the OCDE where he currently leads the project on risk management in agriculture. This includes a policy framework, modeling analysis, country studies (Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain…) and a focus on risk management under climate change and management of risk of animal diseases.

He has been Lecturer on Economics in the Madrid Complutense University and ICADE (Madrid, 1992-98 y 2006-07) and advisor of the Secretary General for Agriculture in the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture (Madrid, 2005-07).

He holds a PhD in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1995), an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics (1992) and a Master degree from the College d’Europe (Belgium).

He has published in the OECD and in academic journals on several topics related with modeling and evaluation of agricultural policies, international trade and WTO, decoupling and risk management in agriculture.