Jeff Swartz

Director, Climate Policy & Carbon Markets, South Pole

Jeff is an internationally-recognised climate change and carbon pricing expert with wide ranging international experience across the UK, EU, US and China. He was Managing Director at the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) for six year. At IETA, Jeff was key to growing new carbon markets and helping to secure Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. He manages the South Pole's services on climate policy and carbon markets, and contribute to the further growth of the company's public advisory and carbon credit offering.


29 June 2018
A border carbon adjustment could be applied to countries who currently do not have a carbon price on pollution. Revenues from these taxes could be used towards environmental and renewable energy projects, to finance UN climate initiatives, or scientific research into low-carbon technologies. The US...
4 August 2016
Amidst the flurry of carbon market developments around the world, the largest emitter is putting in place a national emissions trading system (ETS). Next summer China will launch the world’s largest cap-and-trade system. Considering this, China’s ETS will undoubtedly influence and shape climate...

Bridges news

30 August 2018
¿Qué políticas se podrían implementar para reducir la contaminación a nivel internacional en un contexto de tensiones comerciales? El artículo explica que, si Estados Unidos se retira del Acuerdo de París, los impuestos al carbono en la frontera podrían ser utilizados, al igual que los aranceles, para incrementar los conflictos comerciales.
15 September 2016
China está actuando frente al cambio climático. El gigante asiático ha actuado con rapidez, seriedad y en grande. Debido a que varias de sus principales ciudades han padecido un aumento en la contaminación del aire, el país ha desarrollado varias políticas para reducir sus emisiones. China está...