Izaak Wind

Former Deputy Director (Harmonized System), World Customs Organisation

Izaak Wind is Former Deputy Director (Harmonized System) at World Customs Organisation (WCO).
Since 2005 he has been facilitator in the WCO’s private sector training programme on Harmonized System and starting from 1989 he has been adaptor of the ‘Handboek voor in- en uitvoer’ (Handbook for imports and exports), part B2 (Combined Nomenclature – explanatory notes and rulings), a publication of Sdu, the Hague, the Netherlands, used by Customs, companies, institutes and other professionals in the field of international trade. This handbook includes the EU Combined Nomenclature (without duty rates), which is based on the HS, international (WCO, EU and Benelux) and national explanatory notes and classification decisions, and national and international (EU) jurisprudence with respect to the classification of goods in the EU Customs tariff nomenclature.
Previously he worked as Policy Officer at the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands.