Henry Gao

Associate Professor at Singapore Management University

Associate Professor of Law,Singapore Management University; Dongfang Scholar Chair Professor, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade; Advisory board, WTO Chairs Program. Former: Deputy Director, East Asian International Economic Law and Policy Program, University of Hong Kong; Law Instructor, University of Hong Kong; Instructor, IELPO program (Barcelona) and Academy of International Trade Law (Macau); Academic Coordinator, first Asia-Pacific Regional Trade Policy Course officially sponsored by the WTO; Chinese lawyer at the WTO Secretariat. Widely published on issues relating to China and WTO. Has advised many national governments as well as the WTO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, APEC and ASEAN on trade issues.


15 May 2018
Many proposals have been put forward to address the problematic nature of dispute settlement mechanisms found in regional trade agreements. This piece discusses two of them: using dispute settlement mechanisms under mega-regional agreements and resorting to existing arbitration and investment...
25 August 2017
In this article, the author reviews China’s experience with environmental and labour provisions by looking at its regional trade agreements, especially in terms of the evolution of the Chinese position. It concludes with a projection of how China’s approaches to such provisions might further...

Bridges news

25 June 2018
Este artigo analisa as mudanças na abordagem da China com relação a cláusulas ambientais e trabalhistas em seus acordos regionais de comércio. Com base nesse panorama, o autor discute as perspectivas para o posicionamento da China a respeito dessa matéria no futuro.