Henrique Pacini

Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD

Henrique Pacini works for the Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development Branch of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Having worked both in the public and private sectors, he currently works on issues related to bioeconomy, sustainable agriculture, circular economy and initiatives linking climate change and trade policy, with special emphasis on developing countries. Dr. Pacini has worked in over 30 academic publications and reports in partnership with the world's leading multilateral organizations and research institutions. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (FEARP-USP), including exchange studies at Eberhard Karls Tuebingen Universität, Germany. He also holds a master's degree in European Studies from Hochschule Bremen, Germany and a Ph.D in Energy Policy from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Bridges news

22 December 2010
O foco dos debates atuais sobre biocombustíveis tende a incidir sobre a produção em grande escala. No entanto, a pequena escala é mais apropriada para muitos países em desenvolvimento (PEDs) e países de menor desenvolvimento relativo (PMDRs). Atualmente, um grande número de países produz...
26 November 2010
In current debates on biofuels trade, the focus tends to be on large-scale production. However, the production of small-scale biofuels is better suited for many smaller developing and least-developed countries. Small-scale biofuels can bring many social and environmental benefits at the local level...