Ernesto Viglizzo

Environmental Advisor at GPS; Senior Researcher at CONICET (Argentina)

Ernesto F. Viglizzo is Environmental Advisor at Grupo de países productores del sur (GPS); Senior Researcher at CONICET (Argentina); Agronomist, MSc, PhD (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium). Ernesto carries out teaching and research activities at Univ. Nac. La Pampa, Mar del Plata, and Austral. He is scientific consultant and lead author in global and regional projects of international organisations, including Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA), International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD Global), International Resource Panel (IRP), International Cooperation Program for the Southern Cone (PROCISUR), GEO 5, IPBES, and TEEB. Ernesto is a multiple award-winner and author of many papers, books and articles in national and international scientific publications. 


29 May 2017
In this article, the authors argue that the pressing challenge in the ABPU region, comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, is neither the water nor carbon footprint generated by food exports. Rather, the main problem is how to tackle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the broad regional...

Bridges news

8 October 2018
Incorporando los avances tecnológicos adecuados, es posible incrementar la producción de alimentos y, simultáneamente, reducir el impacto ambiental. Pero para esto, señalan los autores, el MERCOSUR necesita mejoras en las condiciones de comercio, infraestructura y logística.
5 June 2017
本文中,作者认为ABPU地区,包括阿根廷、巴西、巴拉圭和乌拉圭四国,其所面临的紧迫挑战并不是食物出口所产生的水足迹或者碳足迹。相反,主要的问题是如何通过明智、协调的土地利用政策在广泛的区域内解决温室气体排放问题。作者证实ABPU地区的食物和虚拟水出口,可以在全球气候变化和人口增长的背景下,帮助缓解日益严重的水和食品需求。 人类在发展的过程中给这个星球留下了足迹,在农业和工业革命的深刻变革中延伸开来。由此,全球变暖,气候变化以及水资源短缺已经成为直接影响全球粮食体系可持续性的三个重要领域。粮食安全在气候变化和水资源取用方面的关键作用值得特别关注。意识到水足迹和碳足迹同粮食安全之间的复杂关系,...