Emilie Alberola

Program Director, Industry, Energy and Climate at I4CE, Institute for Climate Economics

Emilie Alberola is a Program Director at I4CE, where she coordinates projects on industry and energy sectors. Emilie has worked in the area of climate policy for close to a decade, focusing her expertise on carbon pricing policies such as carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes. She currently supports her team’s work on a broad range of carbon pricing-related issues, such as their interactions with energy policies, competitiveness-related issues and the use of carbon revenues.

Since 2015, Emilie is a member of the French National Economic Council for Sustainable Development (ECSD). Author of numerous publications in general and academic papers, she teaches Climate Change Economics in numerous postgraduate programs for universities in France. Emilie holds a PhD in economics from Paris School of Economics and a Master of Management of Sustainable Development from HEC Paris Business School (France).