David Primack

Trade economist and Executive Director, ILEAP

David Primack has gained a over 10 years international experience supporting developing countries to use trade as an engine for sustainable development, specifically in the context of trade policy formulation and negotiations. His main specialities are: Research and analysis, dialogue and consensus-building, project design and implementation, organizational strategy and management, fundraising and communications and his substantive expertise consist in trade in goods, trade in services, regional integration, competitiveness and aid for trade. Primarck holds Experience with various stakeholders, as well: public sector, private sector, NGOs and academia, while his geographic expertise concerns: sub-Saharan Africa (Notably East and West) and the Pacific Islands.

Bridges news

13 August 2012
Services are essential to the functioning of the modern economy and inextricable from any efforts to enhance growth, promote development and reduce poverty. They can affect growth and development in various ways: creating incomes and employment, contributing to consumer welfare, helping the...
13 August 2012
Drawing on experiences in the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa’s efforts should be focused on building a strong and functional relationship with government(s), securing financial support for the first 3-5 years of operation, and ensuring an immediate attention on avenues for attaining financial self-...