David Laborde

Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI

Dr. David Laborde Debucquet joined IFPRI, Washington DC, in 2007. He is a Senior Research Fellow and leader of the “Globalization and Markets” research program in the Markets, Trade and Institutions Division.

His research interests include international trade, measurement and modeling of protectionism, multilateral and regional trade liberalization as well as environmental issues (climate change, biofuels). He has developed the MAcMapHS6 and the ADEPTA databases on tariffs as well as the TASTE software. He is a contributor to the GTAP database and a GTAP research fellow since 2005.

Beyond his work on databases, he has developed several partial and general equilibrium models applied to trade policy and environmental issues, including the MIRAGE model and its extensions.

He has participated and organized training sessions for researchers and policy makers in several developing countries, with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to joining IFPRI, he was an Economist at the Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (CEPII), Paris between 2003 and 2007 and lecturer at the University of Pau (France). He received his PhD from the University of Pau in 2008. He has also worked as consultant for the European Commission, the Economic Commission for West Africa, the World Bank, USAID, and various UN agencies.

Bridges news

29 July 2010
La libéralisation commerciale va-t-elle avoir un coût d'ajustement pour les économies et les gouvernements d'Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (ACP)? Si oui, à combien se monte ce coût et qui va le payer ? Quelles sont les stratégies à mettre en place pour le réduire ou même l'éliminer ? Voici...
15 July 2010
Will trade liberalisation bear an adjustment cost for ACP countries? If so, how much and who will pay for it? What are the strategies for reducing or even eliminating these costs? These are all sensitive questions facing ACP and European negotiators in the context of the negotiations of the...

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