Daniel Crosby

Partner, King & Spalding

Daniel Crosby is a partner in the International Trade Practice Group at King & Spalding, and manages the firm’s Geneva office.  Mr. Crosby has worked in the area of international trade for over 20 years and has practiced in Switzerland since 2000.  He assists sovereign and commercial clients to achieve practical economic and business objectives by applying international trade and investment rules.  He also advises clients in relation to national trade remedy proceedings and WTO disputes. Mr. Crosby assists clients with trade and investment negotiations disputes, and on the application of treaty-based rules to improve access to global markets for goods and services.  He works for major U.S. and European multinationals and has particular experience in the Middle East, in Russia, and in the states of the former Soviet Union. A significant portion of Mr. Crosby’s practice relates to energy issues, from natural resource production, to energy services and petrochemical trade. Mr. Crosby is active in Switzerland’s diplomatic community, and enjoys teaching, speaking and publishing on international trade and investment issues and providing technical assistance and pro bono legal services to Least Development Countries and to countries negotiating their accession to the WTO. Mr. Crosby lived in the former Soviet Union from 1989-1993 during the perestroika and glastnost’ period while completing studies at Leningrad State University traveling widely across the Soviet Union, and coordinating the American Collegiate Consortium academic exchange program. He speaks Russian, Hungarian and French.


19 October 2017
A wide range of submissions on e-commerce has been made by WTO members over the past two years. “Awareness” has been raised. Frameworks, coverages, and approaches have been proposed surrounding e-commerce. In this article, the author discusses the current state of e-commerce and digital trade...

Bridges news

22 October 2015
Хотя ключ к ВТО находится в руках у правительственных чиновников, бизнес и правительство должны сотрудничать в использовании механизма разрешения споров ВТО, чтобы обеспечить эффективный доступ на зарубежные рынки и защитить интересы компаний. ВТО – это интересная и сложная организация, которая,...
6 November 2008
Recent US and EU sabre-rattling over the WTO-consistency of certain Chinese export taxes has raised the question of whether multilateral trade rules allow countries to impose taxes upon the export of raw materials, essentially in order to ensure a price advantage to domestic industries. This...