Cathy Roheim

Professor, University of Rhode Island

Dr. Cathy Roheim is a fisheries experts from the University of Rhode Island. She holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics (University of California). She conducts research on the general theme of seafood marketing and international trade in seafood products. Most recently a focus has been on the effect of the sustainable seafood movement on domestic and international markets, trade and management policies related to capture fisheries and aquaculture. This includes analysis of consumer demand for ecolabeled seafood, the importance of traceability, particularly as it relates to IUU fishing, and the role of corporate social responsibility as an economic motivation of the supply chain in sourcing sustainable seafood. Additional areas of research include the role of information and labeling in differentiation of seafood products for such issues as safety, organic, farmed versus wild production, and geographical designation. Professor Roheim has served as President-Elect then President of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, Editor of the journal Marine Resource Economics, and won the College of the Environment and Life Sciences Teacher of the Year award. She is currently the Director of the URI Sustainable Seafood Initiative, a effort intended to evaluate and educate members of the industry, government, and environmental community about the effect of the sustainable seafood movement on markets for seafood.