Carlos Murillo

Research Director, Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica

Carlos Murillo-Rodriguez is presently Research Director of the International Centre of Economic Policy for Sustainable Development (CINPE) at the Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica, and acting professor in economics, trade policy and social development. He earned a PhD in Agricultural Economics with particular emphasis on development and a Master of Sciences in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

Mr. Murillo served as Vice minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). He also served as a member of the FTAA Working Group on Investment. He is author of many publications in the area of trade and sustainability. His research interests include seeking inspired developing-country led solutions to rural poverty, through agricultural economic development, as well as programs for social progress and improved access to services.

Mr. Murillo serves as Chairman of the Inter-University Consortium for Sustainable Development, with the participation of Wageningen Agricultural University, Utrecht University, Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and UNA.

Bridges news

1 December 2007
La inclusión del tema ambiental en los acuerdos comerciales representa un reto para los países en desarrollo (PED) en la medida en que asumen compromisos que deben acatarse y que su incumplimiento tiene consecuencias monetarias y comerciales, pero sobre todo porque se reconoce que estos países...