Carl-Christian Schmidt

Chair, Nordic Marine Think Tank

Chair, Nordic Marine Think Tank. Former Head of the Fisheries Policies Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). MA in Economics, Copenhagen School of Economics and Business Administration and Post-graduate studies at the College of Europe, Belgium. Has dealt with a wide range of international fisheries questions in particular related to trade, fisheries management, subsidies, IUU fisheries, certification and accreditation of fisheries, green growth and sustainable resource use. Helped set up the Marine Stewardship Council.



17 August 2017
Eliminating subsidies that contribute to illegal fishing activities, formulating enforceable WTO rules, and using a well-established forum for informed discussions among flag, coastal and subsidising states could prove a novel and useful addition to the toolbox of measures to fight illegal,...

Bridges news

16 March 2015
Fish are among the world’s most traded food commodities. What are the key issues affecting fisheries production and trade today and what trends to look out for? It cannot be repeated enough that fish and fish products are deeply connected to the world trade system. Around 38 percent of all fish,...