Calvin Manduna

Principal trade expert at the African Development Bank

Calvin Manduna is the Principal trade expert at the African Development Bank. He has been part of SADC, Commonwealth Secretariat, Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa.

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9 April 2014
With dust settling from the Ministerial meeting, this article is meant to briefly examine what the Bali Package really means for Africa in the area of trade facilitation - which lies at the heart of what was agreed. The adoption of the Bali Package on 7 December, 2013 generated no small amount of...
17 March 2014
Qu’est ce que l’accord sur la facilitation des échanges implique pour les pays Africains ? L’adoption du Paquet de Bali, le 7 décembre 2013, a suscité beaucoup d’euphorie chez les responsables du commerce réunis lors de la 9ème Conférence ministérielle de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC)...
10 March 2014
A partir de uma breve análise dos desafios enfrentados pelos países africanos em facilitação do comércio, os autores apresentam argumentos favoráveis à implementação do acordo da OMC sobre essa matéria e exploram as principais iniciativas do Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento nessa direção.
13 August 2012
The World Bank’s Africa Infrastructure Report concludes that, in addition to suffering from poor quality and coverage, Africans pay rates that are several times higher than in other developing regions for infrastructure services like electricity, water, sanitation, transport, logistics, finance,...