Bruce Babcock

Professor of Economics, Iowa State University

Bruce Babcock is the Cargill Endowed Chair of Energy Economics, the Director of the Biobased Industry Center and a professor of economics at Iowa State University.

Professor Babcock's research interests include understanding energy and agricultural commodity markets, the impacts of biofuels on U.S. and world agriculture, the development of innovative risk management strategies for farmers, and the analysis of agricultural and trade policies.

Professor Babcock received his B.S. in economics of resource use and his M.S. in agricultural economics from the University of California at Davis.  His PhD in agricultural and resource economics was granted by the University of California at Berkeley.  Before coming to Iowa State University in 1990, Professor Babcock was an assistant professor and extension specialist at North Carolina State University.  In 1998, Babcock became director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, a position that he held until 2011.