Anne-Katrin Pfister

Policy Analyst, T&C WBG

Anne-Katrin PFISTER led on ICTSD's work on trade in services, the Centre's work related to the least developed countries in the WTO and UN context, preference schemes in goods and services ("LDC services waiver"), and aid-for-trade effectiveness measurement at the macro and micro level. Prior to this she was managing ICTSD's E15initiative. Before joining ICTSD, Anne worked as a research assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, the German Embassy Pretoria, South Africa, and competed in professional sailing for the Olympics (2008). Ms. Pfister earned a Master of Science in International Public Policy at University College London, UCL.


You may reach her via linkedin


Bridges news

15 November 2013
Two years after the waiver, allowing WTO Members to grant trade preferences in favour of services and service suppliers from least-developed countries (LDCs), no request for such preferences has been put on the table and the waiver still needs to be operationalised. What is preventing countries...
15 May 2013
Least Developed Countries (LDCs), which currently number 49, are the weakest segment in the international community. They typically have very concentrated economic structures; rely heavily on primary production for income and jobs; and face daunting challenges to integrate global markets. LDCs...