Anna Marhold

Assistant Professor, Tilburg Law School

Anna Marhold is Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher at the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where she researches and teaches on various topics of international and European law. Her main interests lie at the intersection of international economic law and energy and environmental regulation. Anna is also a fellow at the Cambridge University-based C-EENRG Platform on Global Energy Governance. In addition to her academic activities, Anna regularly provides policy advice for international and European think tanks.

Anna obtained her PhD in Law at the European University Institute (EUI) under the supervision of Professor Petros Mavroidis. During her PhD, she was an EU-US Fulbright Schuman Grantee and Visiting Scholar at NYU School of Law. Additionally, she was a Marie Curie Early Research Fellow at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Anna holds parallel degrees in Law (LLB, LLM) and Russian (BA, MA) from the University of Amsterdam.



20 December 2017
Energy dual pricing has been a contentious topic in the WTO for decades, but now the focus is on its harmful environmental effects. Dual pricing encourages wasteful consumption of fossil fuels and displaces cleaner sources of energy. There are several ways in which the WTO can and should contribute...