Amy Porges

Principal, Porges Trade Law PLLC

Amy Porges advises companies, governments and trade associations on how to use WTO law, trade agreements and investment rules to solve complex market access problems.  She represents governments and stakeholders in negotiations and litigation in the WTO and free trade agreements, and advises on WTO and trade agreement institutions and compliance. Her recent work focuses on trade issues for renewable energy and climate change, free trade agreement dispute settlement, trade in digital products and services, market access negotiations for services and for information technology products, technical barriers to trade, TPP and TTIP, and she has worked with a wide range of industrial and agricultural sectors.  She draws on experience as USTR’s Senior Counsel for Dispute Settlement, as a Senior Legal Officer in the GATT Secretariat during the Uruguay Round, and in major international law firms. She teaches international trade law at Johns Hopkins University and has published widely in trade law. She is a member of the Roster of External Counsel of the Advisory Centre for WTO Law in Geneva. 


11 September 2018
Effective dispute settlement raises the value of trade agreements and the return on governments’ investment in trade agreement negotiations. Three practical ideas could help governments negotiate and administer dispute settlement more effectively: better information on options, information on how...