Aaron Cosbey

Senior Associate, IISD

Aaron Cosbey is an environmental economist with 25 years of experience in the areas of trade, investment and sustainable development. He is a Senior Associate with the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

He has served on International Trade Canada's Market Access Advisory Group, the Deputy Minister for International Trade's Academic Advisory Council on Canadian Trade Policy, and of the Canadian Minister for International Trade's Environmental Sectoral Advisory Group on International Trade, where he chaired the SAGIT's Working Group on the FTAA. He has been a member of the UN Tripartite Panel of Experts to the Second Preparatory Committee Meeting for Rio +20, the CEC’s Expert Panel on Environmental Impacts of NAFTA, the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy, the Review Board of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad, and the Expert Group on Clean Energy and the Multilateral Trading System of ICTSD’s E15 initiative. He has acted as a consultant to a wide variety of governments and institutions on the issues of trade, investment and sustainable development, including Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canadian International Development Agency, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Environment Canada, European University Institute, the Inter-American Development Bank, Canada’s National Round Table on Environment and Economy, the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNFCCC and the World Bank.

His current work focuses, among other things, on green industrial policy, and the sustainable development implications of regional trade agreements.

Bridges news

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